Things to Think About When Choosing a Smart Phone

By Michael Cooch

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, you've looked at the choices and the options can be as diverse as buying a car. Well here's a checklist to help you pick your next mobile device.

1) Carrier
This is probably going to be your biggest decision. Each carrier offers a myriad of pricing plans and incentives and each carrier has their pros and cons. Remember that you'll be living with your choice for up to two years. To determine if the carrier you chose will work for you, ask your friends and colleagues which carrier they use and where they have the biggest connection problems. Find someone who uses the carrier you're thinking about choosing and invite them to your home and see how well their phone connects to the carrier's network. Granted this test isn't 100% accurate as some phones handle signals better than others but it will give you an idea about the kind of performance you can expect to receive. If you don't have anyone in your circle to do this, you can always review the maps the carriers provide or try a review site such as

2) Keeping the same phone number
If you're not stuck in a current contract and can make a switch to a different carrier then you'll need to decide between porting (moving) your existing number to another carrier or getting a new phone number altogether. This is really a personal preference and is a relatively easy thing to do. Carriers have made the porting of phone numbers between them quite easy to do. Just make sure to contact your existing carrier first and tell them you want to enable your account for this process before you go buy your new phone.

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An Overview of Smart Phones

By Karina Popa   

Over the last decade or two, we have witnessed tremendous technological developments, particularly in the field of electronics. This has led to the development of a number of durable consumable products, which have added to making our life more comfortable. For instance, the features of mobile phones that we get today are so advanced that they have earned the name of smart phones. These features were missing in the models of mobile phones that we have been using all these years. In fact, many of the features are to be found on computers only.

Definition - A smart phone is a gadget that offers a number of features other than making and receiving phone calls plus messages. Some such feature are receiving and sending emails, the editing of office documents, synchronizing the phone with your personal computer, enabling telephonic conferences and video calls, taking photos and uploading them online, featuring GPS, having large memory to facilitate the storing/downloading of games, video, music and many other applications and tools. It has become quite challenging to buy a smart phone, as there are a number of manufacturers, and each offers some unique features, not available in the competitors' smart phones.

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Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Smart Phone