More iPhone X, ZTE Axon M, Essential Phone, running with smartphones (MobileTechRoundup #413)

Kevin's iPhone X arrived so both of us were able to talk about our experiences with Apple's best iPhone. It wasn't an all-iPhone show though with other devices and wearables available for testing.

iPhone X hands-on, Kindle Oasis, HTC U11 Life, Apple Watch 3 (MobileTechRoundup #412)

There were a few new purchases in hand this week, along with a couple new evaluation phones so there is plenty of mobile tech to enjoy in the podcast.

Google Pixelbook is great, but the iPad Pro 10.5 does more for less

The Google Pixelbook is fantastic. However, the Apple iPad Pro may be a better device for mobile computing at a lower price with more functionality.

Pixelbook arrived, Moto X4, Essential Phone, iPhone X orders (MobileTechRoundup #411)

It was Apple iPhone X pre-order week while the Pixelbook also arrived and is proving to be a fantastic piece of hardware. Check out the podcast for nearly an hour and a half of mobile talk.

Fossil Q Explorist and Venture hands-on: Android Wear fashion watches with full round display

Smartwatches often look techy, plain, chunky, or unattractive. The Fossil Q Explorist and Venture watches bring a full round usable display with high quality materials and daily wear durability.

SmartHalo review: Minimalist smartphone-connected device protects, motivates, and informs bike riders

For $149 you can add modern functionality to your pedal bike, powered by your smartphone. The SmartHalo removes the distractions of your phone with a simple central display.

RHA MA650 wireless earbuds hands-on: 12 hour battery and sweatproof aluminum design

The 3.5mm headphone jack is nearly extinct so Bluetooth wireless headphones are gaining in popularity. RHA Audio makes high quality headphones and this $100 pair provides long battery life and a comfortable around-the-neck fit.

Google Pixel 2, Moto X4, Essential Phone, AirPods (MobileTechRoundup #410)

Pixel 2 reviews went live while Huawei revealed the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. A couple new phones arrived for testing and both hosts bought some more gear.

BlackBerry Motion, Microsoft on Android, wireless earbuds (MobileTechRoundup #409)

Pixel 2 orders arrive this week, Huawei will be announcing devices tomorrow, a new Kindle was announced and will arrive soon, while the V30 is now available in stores.

Take a break from work with the Moto Gamepad Mod: hands-on

Many of us rely on our phones as essential tools to get work done. However, there is a time for relaxation and with the Moto Gamepad mod you can transform your Moto Z into a portable gaming machine.

Fitbit Ionic: Excellent activity tracker, but it's not a very smart watch

Fitbit's latest GPS sport watch may be the most capable Fitbit ever, but a month of testing reveals some areas for improvement. Matt Miller offers tips for new and prospective Ionic owners.

Arccos 360 review: Can an AI caddie improve your golf game?

To become a solid golfer you need to gather data on your gameplay and use that data to make the best decisions. The new Arccos 360 system does the heavy lifting for you.

Google Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Pixel Buds, and Clips (MobileTechRoundup #408)

This week's show was focused primarily on all the news from Google's announcements this week.

Apple Watch 3 returned: There are better LTE and fitness-focused watches

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a very good smartwatch for iPhone users, but daily charging, chunky design, and iOS limitation forced me to return it after a week.

Leaving the phone behind: Running with the Apple Watch Series 3 and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung smartwatches have had LTE connectivity for years, but with the release of Apple's first truly wireless Apple Watch it was time to take the two best smartwatches out on the road without a phone.