Amazon Prime Day deal alert: Essential Phone with 360 Camera for just $343

While people will buy an assortment of items on Amazon Prime Day that may or may not be useful, there are also lots of great buys.

Moment Pro camera app for iOS and Android: Take control of your smartphone's camera

Smartphone cameras are good enough to leave the dedicated camera behind. Moment provides several lens options while also providing a smartphone app to give you full manual control of the camera in your phone. A new version was released with plenty of new features.

HTC experiences largest sales drop in two years as flagship U12 Plus gets universally slammed

Terrible sales figures, a production estimate of only 2 million units for 2018, massive layoffs, a flagship phone getting slammed by reviewers for its non-functioning non-buttons, and a high entry price VR experience make it tough to count on this company lasting too much longer.

InvisibleShield Glass+ 360 for Apple iPhone X: Protection for both the front and back glass panels

Over the past couple of years, glass panels have replaced the metal and plastic of the past. While glass allows for wireless charging and attractive designs with brilliant color schemes, glass breaks and thus a simple drop on the back can be catastrophic.

On Amazon Prime Day, save up to $300 on Huawei phones and wearables

Amazon Prime Day 2018 starts on 16 July and Huawei will be offering savings on phones and wearables as you plan your summer shopping.

New and upcoming phones: Galaxy Note 9 and others we're expecting in 2018

Most major flagship smartphones are now on a fairly regular release schedule and leaks are a part of this cycle. It is rare for a phone to be released today with any surprises so let's take a look at what is coming soon.

BlackBerry KEY2 vs KEYone: Can you justify the $100 upgrade?

BlackBerry's new KEY2 will be available next week and it launches at a price $100 more than last year's KEYone. Are there enough improvements to justify this price increase?

Seven reasons the BlackBerry KEY2 is good for business

After a couple of weeks with the BlackBerry KEY2, it is clearly a phone designed for the enterprise user who wants an efficient communications device with a battery that easily gets through at least one full busy day.

One month with the LG G7: As competition stumbles, the G7 rises to the occasion

LG's last few phones didn't really hit the market with shock and awe, but over time have proven to be some of the best. The LG G7 ThinQ entered a busy Android market and after a month it is starting to look like one of the best available.

Huawei sells six million P20 units, NEXT-IMAGE photo contest launched with outstanding prizes

While Huawei may have its issues with the US, this challenge hasn't stopped it from selling its new flagship to millions of consumers. There are also now two photo contests with some great prizes.

BlackBerry KEY2 first look: Improved physical QWERTY for those who can't give them up

Business users adored their hardware QWERTY BlackBerry keyboards, but most of the world has moved to on-screen keyboards over the last decade. The KEY2 provides the best physical keyboard, but that comes with some compromises.

Two weeks with the OnePlus 6: Useful buttons, gorgeous design, stellar software, and reasonable price

I've tried a couple OnePlus Android phones in the past, but with the high price of flagships and stumbles by some it was time to take a closer look. The OnePlus 6 exceeds my expectations and continues to impress me daily.

Smartphone fashion show: Nine beautiful smartphones prove they aren't all black slabs

Some people complain that all smartphones today are black slabs. Actually, we have seen some brilliant colored phones the last couple of years so here's a few to consider.

Essential partners with MQA for enhanced audio experience, 3.5mm DAC adapter coming soon

The Essential Phone is a high quality Android device and with this new partnership the audio experience has been enhanced. A new adapter is also coming soon to take advantage of this MQA partnership.

Unihertz Atom hands-on: Rugged tiny 4G smartphone keeps you connected in the field for less than $300

Unihertz had a very successful campaign for the Jelly phone in 2017 and is following that up with a rugged variation that I have been testing for the past week.